Public Source Query API endpoints

We have ran into the problem when making some internal tools, that there was no public endpoints (besides one from valve, being unreliable and slow) to query a source game server.

We have developed a serverless API for making querys to any gameserver, instructions can be found below with an example response.

    "protocol": 17,
    "name": " | Custom | $50k Start",
    "map": "rp_downtown_tits_v2",
    "folder": "garrysmod",
    "game": "DarkRP",
    "appid": 4000,
    "players": 51,
    "maxplayers": 65,
    "bots": 0,
    "servertype": "d",
    "enviroment": "l",
    "visibility": 0,
    "vac": 1,
    "ping": 12

The API Request endpoints are as simple as shown above,

This API is completely free to use, and does not cache any results or have any rate limits.