Dedicated Server Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

All owned and operated by Physgun. We offer a wide range of dedicated servers for all your needs.

Built For Your Needs

Don't see a config that fits your needs? Reach out via ticket and we can provide a custom order.

Bullet Proof Protection

Physgun servers are protected against some of the most advanced attacks including Layer 7. Utilizing a network of up to 15tbps+ in DDoS protection to make sure your server runs without interruption.

Firewall Portal

Commandline firewalls can be a pain to configure, with Physgun we provide you with an exceptionally useful Firewall & Filter portal to configure your rules with!

Find the perfect Dedicated Server for you

Fully owned hardware in top tier facilities. We won't let you down.
Feel free to contact us at any time if you need help picking a server via Discord or a Sales ticket
Have a large community and need multiple machines? Reach out via the links above to our sales team for bulk pricing.

Full of useful features

Physgun makes management of your dedicated server easy with our custom built tooling.

Quick Deployment Times

Physgun strives to deliver preorders within a timely manner. We wont leave you hanging.

OS Installer

No more hassle to install an OS, with the click of a button you can instantly have one installed on your machine!

Fast Support

Quick and fast support so you're not caught with a lingering issue for too long!

Root Access

We give you full root access to your machine so you can manage it however you please, no strings attached!

Easy To Use Panel

Physgun offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, ensuring effortless usage. Our Dedicated Server panel is designed to be incredibly intuitive, providing a hassle-free interface for effortless management.

The Basics
Easy to use OS Reinstalls, Resource Monitoring, and much more all from a sleak and modern interface.
Fast & Reliable
Our panel is built with speed and reliability in mind, ensuring you can get your tasks done quickly and efficiently.
Dedicated Server Control Panel
Firewall Portal Preview

Leading DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection and Firewall management is a breeze with Physgun. We have custom engneered a easy to use portal to manage all firewall settings and filters.

Options for everyone
With filters and rules for every situation, you can keep your server safe and secure from attacks and unwanted traffic.
Easy Presets
Easily deploy a preset firewall configuration from our constantly growing list, and get up and running in seconds.

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Ask all your questions. We are ready to get you setup with the best game hosting solution.

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