How do I restrict prop spawning to a list of DarkRP Jobs?

Creating restrictions on your server without advanced LUA knowlage can be tricky. Thankfully developers at Physgun have you covered, below will be a simple and easy method of restricting DarkRP Jobs from spawning props, also including an easy to read config built in:

-- You'll need to put this here /garrysmod/addons/your_addon/lua/autorun/whatever.lua
-- You can add as many jobs as you would like
local propSpawningJobs = {
  [TEAM_BUILDER] = true,
  [TEAM_MOBBOSS] = true

hook.Add("PlayerSpawnProp", "JobSpawnPropRestrict", function(ply)
  if not propSpawningJobs[ply:Team()] then return false end