Create a slick loading screen with a few clicks.

gmodload gives you a easy and completely free way to create a sleak loading screen exactly how you want it, all without any webhosting.
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Simple, Sleak, And Easy

Edit In Real Time

Pick from dozens of preset themes and make them your own, no more saving and refreshing to see your changes.

Quick Setup
All you need to do is add a line into your server.cfg and you are ready to go.
Don't worry about having to mess with SSL, gmodload works on all branches of Garry's Mod.
Interactive Editor
Edit and Create your theme all in real time, no more saving and refreshing.
Completely Free
Zero payment is required to use gmodload, no credit card, just login and start editing.
Share with team members.
Allow your team to edit and maintain your theme, no more sharing passwords.
gmodload is powered by a global CDN, so your users will always have the fastest load times.

Theme List

Take a look at our themes we have to offer, we are constantly adding more so be sure to login to your account to see the latest themes.