Physgun Features

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With almost every Physgun Product you will get access to numerous exclusive Physgun Features. Features ranging from GamePanel features, Engine Optimizations and protection! Our features make your life easier and more enjoyable when managing your server!

Physgun Gamepanel

The most feature rich gamepanel in the game hosting industry!

True Console

True Console

Physgun Gamepanel uses True Console to obtain accurate and speedy information straight from the container. Some panels read straight from the console.log file which can cause massive performance penalties.

Power Actions

Start, Stop, Restart and even Kill your service at the click of a button.

Filter Output

With our custom ASync console in physgun.json you can filter out unwanted messages!

Network Analytics

Tired of not knowing what net messages may be getting abused? With Physgun you can monitor net messages from addons and players easily determining which are the most expensive!

Live Analytics

You can watch your net messages appear in realtime as they're being sent on your server!

Optimize Your Server

Using the useful information from these analytics you can easily increase the performance of your server!

Network Analytics
File Manager

Advanced File Manager

What makes a File Manager advanced? Useful exclusive features of course! Search anything, pull from git, download from the Steam Workshop and more! Our File Manager is fast and responsive chalk full of features!

Search Anything

Need to find a specific line of code? Easily search all your files with our advanced search feature!

Git Support

Pull/Fetch with our Git Support directly to your server files!

Mod Manager

Install the most popular mods in 1-click! Physgun Servers come included with GModAdminSuite and BrickWall scripts for free! This includes bLogs, bWhitelist, and much more!

Free GmodStore Addons

Enjoy addons such as bLogs, bWhitelist and more for absolutely no extra charge with your Physgun server!

One Click!

Install any of the supported mods with just one-click! Nothing more, nothing less.

Mod Manager
Workshop Collection Sync and FastDL

Workshop Collection Sync

Your workshop is full to the brim of addons and adding every single one to your workshop.lua file is such a pain.. Using Physgun's exclusive Workshop Collection Sync you can add ALL of your workshop items to your workshop.lua file automatically! No more spending time on adding every addon individually!

Intelligent FastDL

Can't use workshop download? We got you covered with our Intelligent FastDL.

Automatic Workshop Sync

Sync all your workshop items instantly with the click of a button to your server!


Premium addons for FREE

Victorious Scoreboard
Rouge Scoreboard

Physgun Exclusive Features

Finally you get access to some of the best exclusive features we at Physgun have to offer!

Engine Optimizations

Up to 40% performance increase at 100+ players.

You heard that right! With every Physgun GMod Server you can get up to a 40% increase in performance! This has been thoroughly tested with many large servers that we host who can back up our claims! No other host can provide the same amount of performance than Physgun!


Boost your server to the top of the list!

Physgun provides Anycast protection to all of our servers! This not only provides extremely effective DDoS Protection but it will also help your server boost to the top of the server list by heavily reducing the ping to your server no matter the location! Read more here!

Free Website

Get a amazing website up in seconds with Noclip Chroma

Physgun provides free Noclip Chroma (A $99.87 value) for free, get a donation store, forums, and more in a few clicks without spending any more of your hard earned money.

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