Included Addons


With all standard Physgun plans, addons are included with your service. These addons can be found in the mod manager.



GmodAdminSuite Addon List

Billy’s Admin Sits Sits

Billy’s Admin Physgun Enhancer Physgun Enhancer

Billy’s Logs Logs

Billy’s Whitelist Whitelist


Brickwall Addon List

Weapon Customiser - (Skins, Charms, Stickers) - (Content Pack) Sits

Botched Rewards 🎁 - Login/Time/Referral Rewards - (Content Pack) Sits

Botched Gacha 🃏 - Unboxing/Mystery/Gacha System - (Content Pack) Sits

Brick’s Coinflip 💵 - Flip items and money - (Content Pack) Sits

Brick’s Unboxing 🎲 - Trading, Marketplace, Rewards - (Content Pack) Sits

Brick’s Gangs - Printers, Territories, Associations, In-Game Config + More - (Content Pack) Sits

Brick’s Essentials - F4, Inventory, Crafting, Printers, Armory, Bank, Levelling - (Content Pack) Sits

Brick’s Credit Store - A point shop system - (Content Pack) Sits

Brick’s Enhanced SWEPs - Taser/Keys/Handcuffs/Battering Ram +More - (Content Pack) Sits

Brick’s Crafting - Quests/Mining/Inventory - (Content Pack) Sits

DarkRP Foundation - Inventory, Printers, ATM, Bank, Armory, HUD - (Content Pack) Sits

We are constantly working on increesing the list of included addons, feel free to give us ideas in the discord!