Rust Server Hosting

Rust Hosting

Built upon a reliable network for protection against attacks and hardware to carry your server to success.

Bleeding Edge

Running on the blazing fast Ryzen 9 7900X Physgun servers are built to perform at the bleeding edge. Accompanied with ultra-fast NVMe disks making sure your maps load insanely fast.

Bullet Proof Protection

Physgun servers are protected against some of the most advanced attacks including Layer 7. Utilizing a network of up to 15tbps+ in DDoS protection to make sure your server runs without interruption.

Feature-rich Gamepanel

No need to worry about the hardship of managing your server with Physgun's feature rich gamepanel. It includes a multitude of amazing features to make your life easy such as; Mod Manager, Backups, Subusers, Schedules, and so much more!

We sell based on the raw hardware dedicated to you, not on slots.

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    Rust Game Server

    Configure all your needs.

    Ryzen 9 5950X [Up to 300%]

    DDR4 Memory [Up to 16GB]

    NVMe Storage [Up to 80GB]

    Unlimited Player Slots

    3 MySQL Databases

    uMod/Oxide 1-click Installer DDoS Protection & Anycast

    Auto Wipe & Auto BP Wipe

    US Chicago

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    Bare Metal

    For the large communites that need all the power they can get.

    Pick your CPU

    DDR4/DDR5 [64GB+]

    NVMe Storage [1TB+]

    Create and Delete Servers

    MySQL Databases

    Oxide/Carbon 1-click installer

    Insane Performance

    Auto Wipe & Auto BP Wipe DDoS Protection & Anycast

    US Chicago

  • Features

    Let us show you what makes Physgun #1


    Crush exploiters and malicious traffic with our state of the art network protection and game specific protection. Gone is the fear of being taken offline due to a bad actor, focus on building your community.


    Our panel comes with free engine-level optimizations, keep your network usage low, and your cpu stable. Everyone hates crashes, and if you do crash, our custom crash handler will either recover your server, or tell you exactly what happened.

    All your favorite addons, in one place

    When choosing Physgun as your host, you'll get unlimited access to premium addons for free from creators like Billy, Brickwall, and other Gmodstore creators

    Our engine-level crash recovery and detection is a trail blazer in the industry, completely unique to Physgun

    Physgun has multiple source specific optimizations not seen in any other competitor

    No other competitor features free premium addons like Physgun, worth over $1000 USD

    Auto Wipe

    Clear map & blueprints automatically!

    Tired of manually wiping your map and blueprints on your Rust Server? With every Physgun Rust Server you get access to our automatic wipe feature that can also be manually activated if need be!


    Boost your server to the top of the list!

    Physgun provides Anycast protection to all of our servers! This not only provides extremely effective DDoS Protection but it will also help your server boost to the top of the server list by heavily reducing the ping to your server no matter the location! Read more here!

    Physgun Panel

    A game panel built from the ground up to make your life easy.

    Physgun Game Panel

    Full of useful features

    Physgun servers are jam packed with the latest and greatest features with our fully custom gamepanel.

    Mod Manager

    Installing mods such as uMod/Oxide/Carbon has never been easier with just one-click!

    Auto Wipe

    Our scheduler allows you to delete files at specific times, allowing for completely automatic map wipes!


    Backups are always important, our panel is equipped to start a full backup of your server in one-click!

    Audit Logs

    Want to know who is using your control panel? Our audit logs provide detailed forensics just for that!

    Auto Restarts

    Need your server to automatically restart at a specific time? No problem! Our scheduler has you covered!

    Automatic Commands

    With our advanced scheduler you can also add commands to be triggered at a specific date and time!

    Auto Updates

    Stop worrying about having to be up for the next rust update. Our servers automatically update you to the newest version on restart!


    Making a server with friends or a team? Our panel allows you to have precise permission control over subusers!

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    Ask all your questions. We are ready to get you setup with the best game hosting solution.

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