Our Datacenter

Based in Chicago, IL, we own and operate our hardware to ensure the best performance for your game server while keeping costs low.

24/7 Remote Hands

With datacenter technicians on-site 24/7, along with our own team on standby, we can ensure your server has fantastic uptime.

Bulletproof DDoS Protection

In all locations we offer, We offer top of the line DDoS protection from Path.net to protect all services all common attacks and advanced Layer 7 attacks.

Reliable Cooling

Four 35,000-gallon underground water storage tanks, 50,000-gallon chilled water loop and 2,800 tons of aggregate cooling capacity ensuring your server is always cool.

Curated High Performance Hardware

We work hard to ensure we have the latest and reliable hardware to provide the best experience for your players.

High Reliability, High Performance

With all our Ryzen 7000 series servers, we ensure that you get the best performance and reliability for your server.

Enterprise Grade Hardware
All servers using the Ryzen 7000 series processors, with high performance memory and reliable NVME Storage.
Tested for Stability
All servers are tested for stability and performance before being deployed to ensure you get the best experience.
Server Hardware
1U Servers

Fast Deployments

We always try and keep our high demand servers in stock, so you can get your server up and running as soon as possible without waiting for long deployment times.

Safe and secure
All game servers are guaranteed to be deployed within 6 hours of purchase., money back guarantee otherwise.
Replacement hardware always ready
Hardware failures are rare, but if they do happen, we have replacement hardware ready to be deployed.


All servers are protected by locked racks, and are under 24/7 monitoring.

Bulletproof, Literally
Protected by Kevlar and steel mesh lined interior walls; I-Beam structural enhanced load roof
Monitored all the time
Monitored and staffed 24/7/365 Full-featured NOC/SOC monitoring and control; intelligent customized building automation system
Server Rack

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